Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The last few stitches!

A long time coming, I am now heading down the back ruffle of the gown the with the last of the large leaves down the overskirt.
I am SO thrilled, it looks amazing!
Here are some peaks at what it is looking like now. I will have photos of it completely done tomorrow.

Bustle, ruffle, and leaves on bodice and skirt

The little leaves are all sewn on to the bodice now

View of the bustle and ruffle. There will be about 20 - 25 additional leaves trailing down the edge of the ruffle.

Finally done tonight!! :-D

Friday, October 8, 2010

October 8th Updates

We are almost finished! I'm so thrilled!
We are now over the hump (bustle?) with a lot of the tedious figuring out, and have just a few things left to do.
Left to do: Pin up bustle, pleat underskirt, and sew on little leaves on the bodice and overskirt. It will finally be done in the next few days, definitely ready by the weekend.
I have been SO busy lately with Faire and various other things going on that I have fallen a little behind in the picture taking. Currently, I am at my parents house for the weekend, and have brought gown, dress form, and sewing machine to work on while I am away from home.
Here are some photos from yesterday.

Sleeve pleating detail

side of gown and underskirt. Please note that these are in progress shots and the underskirt has not been pleated yet, or the bustle drawn up. It will be in the final stage. :-)
Sleeve and gown detail, the start of the leaves have been pinned to the dress form to test.
Full view! I added my little Hendricks hat as I am working for them this weekend. It looks kinda cute in these pics!

The start of the leaves...I am actually really looking forward to this part!