Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Celtic Wedding Gown

While I have gotten started on this gown about a month ago, today is the real test day: It is time to do the test embroidery, and move on to the real thing. Once the embroidery is done on the wedding gown, the rest can follow quickly. 

I asked my good friend Len Bell of Loime Studios for help with the art to be transformed into a digitized embroidery file. It turned out beautiful!
My next step was to play around with the color fills, and then put it into the computer to digitize. So far so good!

The test piece is is on the embroidery table as I type, and I am eager to see the outcome!


Stay tuned!


I have finished the test swatch on the scrap satin, and it turned out quite nice. I am confidant enough to move on to the main gown. Which, I might add, is now on the embroidery table being stitched. VERY exciting indeed!

Here are the photos of the "test" embroidery from yesterday:
This is fresh off of the embroidery hoop, I did not trim any threads yet.

Same with this. Also, there were a few mistakes where thread broke (cheap test thread) that will NOT be in the final embroidery.

Just the beginning...
And here are some photos from this morning at the start of the actual gown embroidery on the satin wedding dress. It will be a sapphire blue with silver accents when it is complete.

8-28-13 Update:

More work to the gown! Here are some very hastily taken (my sewing room is a mess right now) photos of the gown in progress. The embroidery on the main gown turned out gorgeous!

 September 2, 2013 Update:
I have completed the gown, and the sleeves, now to attach the sleeves to the body (they are pinned in the photo) and attach the grommets and secure a hem. There will be a sash as well.
It's turning out SO. Beautiful. 19 Days to go until the wedding.....

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