Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Sewing Endeavors - A Lord of the Rings inspired gown...for ME!

I used to spend countless hours researching and re-creating gowns and costumes from the Lord of the Rings movies. Then I got married...and now have kids. :-) And I couldn't be happier! However, time was focused elsewhere!
I have been performing Gypsy style dance at Renaissance Festivals since 2005, so the majority of my garb these days is of the belly dance persuasion. Again, not complaining.

This season of MDRF, for the first time in years, I do not have to work there. And I am pregnant again with our second child. Upon assessing my garb recently, nothing fits right now, and I don't want to wear gypsy garb.

I decided to embark on a new Elven gown, a week before Opening Weekend at MDRF. It was inspired by the style I did my wedding gown in, in 2007. It should fit me now...and when the belly is back to normal.

Here are the in progress photos!

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